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Need to update or obtain a new ID card?

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Customer Support

687-6426 Option 1 for ID Cards/DEERS
687-6426 Option 2 for Awards and Decs
CAC and dependent/retiree IDs
DEERs Updates
Awards and Decorations

Common Access Cards or Uniformed Services ID Card

If you have questions about your CAC or ID, you can visit this link ( This site will guide you through the process of obtaining, using and maintaining both types of cards.

You are required to have the correct documentation to obtain a CAC or ID. To view a list of acceptable identification documents, click here ( If you would like to view a helpful pre-arrival checklist for obtaining a CAC or ID, click here (


You can make certain updates yourself from your home computer! Click here ( to learn more about how to do things like updating personal contact information, obtaining proof of health coverage, transfer education benefits, and so much more!

Force Management

687-6426 Option 6

Force Management is responsible for the programs below. Please note that your CSS is also able to perform or assist with these programs. To better serve our customers in a timely manner, please utilize your CSS first before elevating your questions to the team.

  • Evaluations (OPR/EPR)
  • Adverse Actions
  • Unfavorable Information File
  • Control Rosters
  • Duty information (AFSC’s)
  • Permanent Change of Assignment (PCA’s)
  • G-series orders
  • Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP)
  • Overseas Tour Data

Career Development

Career development is responsible for the programs below. To better serve our customers in a timely manner, please give the team 3-5 business days to respond to your inquiry.

Retirements/Separations687-6426 Option 5
Outbound Assignments687-6426 Option
Reenlistments/Extensions687-6426 Option 3
Promotions687-6426 Option


687-6426 Option 8

Official Passport and Visa applications are processed on an appointment-only basis. We do not process applications for tourist passports.