Susie Skelton Child Development Center

Our goal is to offer children of active duty military and Department of Defense civilians a safe, healthy, and loving environment while away from their parents.

Hours of operation

M-F: 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Closed: Weekends, Holidays & Family Days


209 Houx St.
Whiteman AFB, MO

Contact Us

(660) 687-5588
Fax: (660) 687-4888

About Susie Skelton Child Development Center

The Susie Skelton Child Development Center offers quality child care for children between the ages of 6 weeks to 5 years old. It provides opportunities that support children’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.  Our program is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and certified by the Department of Defense. The CDC is a certified “Baby Signs Center”, enhancing language development in young children.

The CDC complies with AFI 34-144, the AF CDC Inspection Criteria and with NAEYC standards for accreditation. In addition, a Parent Agreement is maintained outlining additional policies that are more specific to the Susie Skelton Child Development Center.

The practices of AF CDC programs are based on current knowledge of child development and early childhood education. Our centers support the development of the whole child, meaning all areas of development are considered inter-related and equally important. Our program acknowledges that children learn through active, hands-on involvement with their environment, peers, and caring adults. We respect each child’s unique interests, experiences, abilities and needs, thus allowing us to be responsive to and appropriate for each child. Children are valued as individuals, as well as part of a group. Likewise, our program respects and supports the ideals, cultures and values of families and the early childhood professionals within our program.

Eligibility and priority are established through AFI 34-144 and the Whiteman AFB Child Development Priority Placement List. Single/dual active duty military, single/dual DoD civilians, reservists on active duty and active duty/DoD civilians with a spouse attending school full-time and are assigned to Whiteman Air Force Base are eligible to receive child care services.

Parents requesting child care should complete a DD form 2606, Request for Child Care, and fax it to DSN: 975-4888 or commercial (660) 687-4888. Children will be placed according to the Whiteman AFB Family Member Programs Flight Priority Enrollment Policy. For unborn children, waiting list documents may be completed during pregnancy. PCS inbound can be placed on the waiting list as soon as they have published orders. Please fax a copy of your orders including expected date of arrival.

Once a child care space is offered, the sponsor has 48 hours to accept the position. If no contact is made within 48 hours, or the space is refused by the sponsor, the space will be offered to the next family on the waiting list. When a family does not make contact or refuses the space, the family’s DD Form 2606 will be removed from the waiting list. A new DD Form 2606 must be accomplished to return to the waiting list.

For parents who need care on an irregular basis such as short term care for a doctor appointment, to workout or to volunteer in the community, hourly care is offered on a space available basis.

All CDC staff participate in ongoing training in addition to annual training requirements such as child abuse recognition and prevention. Staff training includes CPR and Pediatric First Aid.

The purpose of the Parent Advisory Board (PAB) is to build strong relationship between families and the program and utilize this relationship to foster an enriching experience for children and families. The PAB meets quarterly to discuss child development topics of interest and parent involvement activities. The PAB Focus Group is made up of parent and staff representatives who plan program events (portrait day, pumpkin patch, carnivals, book fairs, art auctions, caregiver appreciation week, food/clothing drives, etc.)

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